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Cisco Security Analytics and Logging (SAL)

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Cisco Security Analytics and Logging & Defense Orchestrator

Aggregate your log data in the cloud for combined traffic analytics using automated threat detection and machine learning. Cisco Security Analytics and Logging (SaaS) is a hosted service that allows you to: 

  • Securely send and store your Cisco Firewall logs in the cloud, with storage options available from the 90-day default up to 3 years
  • Aggregate Firewall logs across Cisco’s FTD and ASA platforms, along with internal logs and public cloud infrastructure logs to drive end-to-end visibility and generate behavior based threat detections
  • Get free access to a Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO) tenant and Stealthwatch Cloud instance as part of the Security Analytics and Logging trial for Firewall log viewing/download capabilities and behavior-based threat detections respectively
  • Use 30-day free trial to estimate the license volume (GB/day) needed to support your production environment, and preview the security alerts provided by Stealthwatch Cloud

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